Tech Leaders

What World Technology Leaders think about India 

William Green

CEO of Accenture 


Founded in 1989 as Andersen Consulting, 78,000 employees (2008), Headquarters, Bermuda  

Global management consulting, technology services and outsourcing company. One of the largest computer services and software companies on the Fortune Global 500 list. 

Green has served on Accenture’s board of directors since its inception in 2001. Prior to becoming CEO on September 1, 2004, he was Accenture’s Chief Operating Officer Client Services. Mr. Green joined Accenture in 1977 and became a Partner in 1986. 

India has prominence from several dimensions. One, the local market opportunity. Two, its role in our global delivery network. Three, our ability to take advantage of the intellectual power here through research and development. 

Education is a key driver of high performance in an increasingly global economy, and that is why we believe that businesses need to work together with governments, school systems and other organizations to help improve the access, affordability and accountability of education for the people in their communities. 

Shareholders no longer expect you to be best company in your local market, but the best in your industry worldwide. 

When it comes to innovation and technology, organizations doing business in emerging markets have the opportunity to become “game changers.” Companies in emerging markets will adapt new technologies faster than those in mature economies, giving them an edge.


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