MindTree empowers ARINC’s Passenger Processing System

ARINC Incorporated, a company in the business  communications, engineering and integration solutions obtained a CUPPS (Common Use Passenger Processing Systems) certification from MindTree Ltd.

The certification would enable ARINC qualify its vMUSETM passenger processing system.

“The new CUPPS standard brings tremendous value to airline passenger check-in platforms, driven by industry collaboration, and a well-defined universal standard,” said ARINC Vice President Keith Margerison. “As the industry transitions to this new passenger processing system, CTEs such as MindTree play an integral role in ensuring that vendors comply with the CUPPS specification so that the airlines can achieve widespread interoperability and application portability across different platforms for cost savings.”

As a CTE, MindTree assists CUPPS platform vendors in certifying their products, while also providing validation services to the airline and airport applications that use those platforms. In addition, MindTree helps airlines switch their IT applications from CUTE (Common Use Terminal Equipment) to the CUPPS standard.

“CUPPS is poised to change the way airlines and customers interact, and MindTree is proud to be a pioneer, working with early adopters such as ARINC to advance the standard,” said MindTree Vice President and Head of Travel and Transportation Industry Group, Siva Vajjhala. “As market adoption of CUPPS continues to ramp up, MindTree is able to provide airlines, airports and platform vendors an experienced CTE with deep air transport domain expertise. We are able to leverage our domain knowledge in general to fulfill our air transport customers’ various IT needs.”

MindTree Vice President and Co- Head of Testing Business Unit, Ananda Rao Ladi said, “We are delighted to be a part of the check-in platform of the future as ARINC’s independent testing partner. Testing such an innovative application is challenging, but MindTree’s independent focus on testing, domain expertise, and quality culture helped ARINC provide a reliable and predictable platform.”