Apple wants to open up a technology development center in India

Apple is planning to set up a technology captive in India. The company seems to be rather impressed with the local engineers and coders, who are writing next generation codes for companies like Walmart and Amazon, and wants to revive business operations to India.

Citing anonymous sources, Economics Times reports that the company is in its early stages of thinking to set up a company-owned technology development center in India. In 2006, Apple shut down its tech support center in India citing poor service quality. “This time, things have changed. The real draw is the pool of engineers specialized in retail and e-commerce,” a source told the publication.

The source also revealed that Bob Kupbens, vice-president at Apple Online Retail, is the man behind Apple’s plans to set up a center in India. Kupbens has past knowledge about India, having overseen strategy and execution at Target’s captive technology development and BPO centre in Bengaluru while working previously at Delta Airlines.

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Indian to cross the 700mn mark of phone connections soon

Recently the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) came out with the report on India‘s tele density. The report said that the the total phone connections in India is soon expected to hit the 700 million mark. The mobile connections itself account for over 670 million connections. The tele-density has reached upto 59.63 percent.

The enormous increase in the telecom subscribers clearly indicates the dominance of this growing medium of communications. Going forward each and every piece of communications plan targeted at any group of target audience will have to give prominence to this growing wireless medium.

What’s your take on this?