Internet of Things & Innovation: GAVS at NASSCOM Product Forum

Chennai, Tamil Nadu, January 29, 2015- Mr. Srinivasan Sundara Rajan of GAVS Technologies delivered an insightful talk on Innovation enabled by Internet of Things, in NASSCOM’s 71st Product Forum in Chennai on 28th January, 2015.

NASSCOM’s Chennai chapter organized a discussion forum on the topic “Accelerating Innovation to Internet of Things”. Practitioners from various IT organizations delivered talks on consuming IoT technology as a value proposition for internal and external customers alike. GAVS Technologies, a global technology and services firm, participated in the forum. Mr. Srinivasan Sundara Rajan, VP – Technology in GAVS Technologies, spoke on Innovation Enabled by Internet of Things – From Fantasy to Reality.

With Internet of Things being at the peak of Gartner’s hype cycle for 2015, GAVS Technologies is committed to empower next-gen enterprises be early adopters of this revolutionary technology. Mr. Srinivasan delivered an immersive talk elaborating on the platforms / vendor products that support IoT today, how organizations can get started, and the future possibilities for innovation.

Mr. Srinivasan Sundara Rajan said “Internet of Things is about connecting machines and humans to improve the lives of latter. It is about machines becoming smarter by utilizing the human like thinking. IoT is no longer a fantasy, and is real. Cloud, Big Data and Platforms enable the implementation of IoT. Proven players are better trusted in the initial initiatives.”

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